September 16, 2019

Episode 42: Blueprint Stories

In Episode 42, Three Minute Ministry Mentor explores the idea of "blueprint stories." These stories that keep repeating themselves tend to function like a blueprint in your #practiceofministry.

Host Eileen Campbell-Reed tells a story that keeps repeating itself in her life, and calls us to recognize how our stories can impact our practice of ministry. 


September 9, 2019

Episode 41: Two Vocations

#3MMM Episode 41: Two Vocations 

Vocation. Work. Calling.
Ministry. Family. Life. 

Vocation is a word that often evokes the idea of work. Yet vocation is not just work. Vocation may bring to the top of your mind the idea of calling. Yet vocation is more than calling. 

Vocation is often synonymous with ministry or religious service to the church. And yet vocation is not limited to working in or for the church.

New social configurations of family and work are emerging everywhere around us. This week, 3MMM Host Eileen Campbell-Reed reclaims these two aspects of vocation – work and family – as intertwined and mutually informing ways to approach our lives and obligations in the world.

Have a listen to Episode 41, and consider the survey some of the images and stories from the Learning Pastoral Imagination Project that can inform our understanding of the vocations of family and work.

September 2, 2019

Episode 40: Change Over Time

Episode 40: Change over Time

By looking at the change over time that happens for others who are learning the same practices we are learning, there might be a way of making out at least a framework for change that is on our horizon.

Also, and not insignificantly, our own past experience may also give us hints and clues about what is coming next or what may shift for us over time.

The only way practices like learning, teaching, and ministry to lodge their best lessons in us, is for us to persist over time. So we move forward in trust, even if we cannot (and should not) leave our questions and suspicions aside.

This week’s video episode of #3MMM includes the story of David, a participant in the Learning Pastoral Imagination Project. He recounted changes that he experienced while learning to teach Bible study in his first congregational call. See if his missteps sound anything like yours?

#3MMM Episode 38: Action + Reflection in Preaching 

Speaking is a major part of leading in the practice of ministry. It might take form in delivering sermons, or working to inspire volunteers and employees, or telling the story of your organization and its purpose in the world, or leading a protest or rally, or simply chairing a planning meeting.

Like other aspects of the practice of ministry it takes time and experience to learn the ins and outs of doing the work well. Honing the practice of speaking effectively and moving people to action takes attention, action, and reflection. It takes doing it over and over until you have a greater sense of timing, delivery, and connection.

This week’s episode of Three Minute Ministry Mentor features a story told to us by Derrick, a participant in the Learning Pastoral Imagination Project, from his internship year. He told us about going through a dry patch in his weekly preaching. And he shared how reflecting on this later with his mentor led him to a deeper understanding of himself.  


August 12, 2019

Episode 37: Salience

3MMM Episode 37: Salience

Pastoral Imagination is thinking in action, an embodied and relational capacity to see the complexities of a situation in the pastoral life and know how to respond. How do we know what should keep our attention? 

In this #3MMM episode, we are learning about developing a sense of salience. 



August 7, 2019

Episode 36: Improvisation

Becoming fluid and graceful at improvisation in ministry can take years. Yet, there are times when we may surprise ourselves at how fast our ability to improvise shows up when life just happens. In Episode 36, Pastor Greg's improvisation skills took him from “Oh, no!” to “Oh, Wow!” when he learned to share leadership.

Improvisation is not simply what we do when we fail to plan. It is also planning fully and then making a change in response to the situation. This more mature kind of improvisation is the art and beauty which makes any mature practice a delight to witness. It is wisdom in action.

How will you keep leaning into those moments and learning to improvise your practice?





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