August 12, 2019

Episode 37: Salience

3MMM Episode 37: Salience

Pastoral Imagination is thinking in action, an embodied and relational capacity to see the complexities of a situation in the pastoral life and know how to respond. How do we know what should keep our attention? 

In this #3MMM episode, we are learning about developing a sense of salience. 



August 7, 2019

Episode 36: Improvisation

Becoming fluid and graceful at improvisation in ministry can take years. Yet, there are times when we may surprise ourselves at how fast our ability to improvise shows up when life just happens. In Episode 36, Pastor Greg's improvisation skills took him from “Oh, no!” to “Oh, Wow!” when he learned to share leadership.

Improvisation is not simply what we do when we fail to plan. It is also planning fully and then making a change in response to the situation. This more mature kind of improvisation is the art and beauty which makes any mature practice a delight to witness. It is wisdom in action.

How will you keep leaning into those moments and learning to improvise your practice?





Erosion. Sometimes, the routines and daily rigors of the work can wear ministers down emotionally, relationally and spiritually. How can we engage practices that lead to flourishing in ministry? 



3MMM | Episode 33: Cultivating Questions

We are exploring the good and holy work of asking questions. As we become cultivators of ministry questions, we can begin by listening to the questions around us. Hear about one pastor’s experience of asking better questions in a ministry context, and consider your own questions.


In Part Three of our series on Learning Goals, Episode 32  explores how to bring ministry goals to life. With these big goals in mind, we can set objectives, determine specific tasks, and identify resources that will support learning. Host Eileen Campbell Reed invites ministers to think about how accountability with people who support your practice of ministry matters.

What objectives, tasks, resources, and accountability will I embrace to help me grow in my practice of ministry?

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