What are you reading this week, and have you considered how to read with your fully embodied and relational self?

Whatever is happening in the world, we still read. We read for news and information. Reading inspires and moves us to action. We read so that we can prepare to preach and teach and organize our communities of faith. We still have a long way to go, when reading scripture, to make room for everyone in the text.

Listen as host Eileen Campbell-Reed interviews Rev. Dr. Angela Parker about her book If God Still Breathes, Why Can't I?  Together they discuss how important it is to read scripture in ways that makes room for everyone’s experiences. And, in particular making space for Black and Brown bodies to show up and be seen and heard with each reading of the text. 


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Join the conversation as 3MMM's host Eileen Campbell-Reed interviews author, minister, and mother Traci Smith. What started out as a way to teach and nurture her own children’s faith in honest, messy and every day ways, turned into the Faithful Families book series.  

If you have children, minister with children, or are part of a community of faith that includes children, you need to know about this series! Faithful Families help parents and ministry leaders give words and spiritual practices to support following Jesus. The books are unapologetically progressive in their approach and theology.

In their conversation, Traci offers a treasure trove of ideas, creative thinking about how to handle theology, practice, and learning for children. We hope this will help inspire your pastoral imagination! 


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Now is a good time to remind everyone that you have permission to read a book. Any book, in fact!  

We are reminding you to give yourself permission to read. It might seem like a small thing in the moment, yet it prepares us with both spiritual support and also important information to do the big things we are called to do in ministry, like parenting, teaching, writing and life.

So, what will you give yourself permission to read this week?

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How do we fear bravely? How do love and courage and fear dwell together? Author, Catherine McNiel joins us to share about her new book Fearing Bravely: Risking Love for Our Neighbors, Strangers, and Enemies.
Join her conversation with 3MMM host, Eilieen Campbell-Reed as they share about what it means to not be paralyzed by fear but use it as a tool to grow and live out of courage and love. 
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There is so much to grieve these days. The list seems nearly endless. Yet grieving remains hard work, and it is easy to ignore or leave aside.

We invite you to join 3MMM host Eileen Campbell-Reed as she offers you a way to give yourself permission. A pathway to practice spiritual attention to the grief in your life.

How will you give yourself permission to grieve this week?


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This week Erin Robinson Hall shares from her experience, giving us all permission to laugh.  

In these oh-so-challenging days we sometimes need to give ourselves and each other a permission slip. If we can do the small things — evening things like laughing — then we renew our energy for the big things we are called to be and do.
Join our conversation as we learn about the health benefits of laughter while laughing a little together together along the way!
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