3MMM | Episode 33: Cultivating Questions

We are exploring the good and holy work of asking questions. As we become cultivators of ministry questions, we can begin by listening to the questions around us. Hear about one pastor’s experience of asking better questions in a ministry context, and consider your own questions.



In Part Three of our series on Learning Goals, Episode 32  explores how to bring ministry goals to life. With these big goals in mind, we can set objectives, determine specific tasks, and identify resources that will support learning. Host Eileen Campbell Reed invites ministers to think about how accountability with people who support your practice of ministry matters.

What objectives, tasks, resources, and accountability will I embrace to help me grow in my practice of ministry?

What is the long-term value of learning goals for ministry? We are thinking about this in Part Two of our series on Learning Goals.

In this episode of #3MMM, Eileen Campbell Reid invites ministers to consider their fears as they develop learning goals. Paying attention to what excites us and scares us can shape the way we develop ministry goals. We can begin to see the patterns of life, the doubts and questions, and the stories that shape us. 

In this episode, Eileen Campbell Reid invites ministers to consider their learning goals. Whether you have been in a ministry setting for years or you are in seminary, creating goals can shape your ministry. How do you set learning goals for your ministry? Eileen offers three helpful ideas to help you set meaningful goals in this episode of #3MMM. 

While some ministry situations still allow for apprenticeship to a person, more often the apprenticeship is to the situation of ministry itself. How can we be apprenticed to a community? With many teachers and opportunities to learn just around every corner, we consider the way ministers are apprenticed to particular contexts.

This week's episode of #3MMM features Pastor Wanda, a participant in the Learning Pastoral Imagination Project. Learn how she has cultivated a deep love for people in her neighborhood in Harlem as she became apprenticed to her community.

Thinking spiritually and theologically – especially when that thinking takes on form and action in our bodies, relationships, and lives – is a significant gift that the world needs now. Thinking theologically involves stories and embodied experience, not just thinking. In this episode, you are invited to expand your capacity and skill for thinking theologically. #3MMM  

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