March 2, 2020

3MMM Episode 53: BONUS! More on Spacious Conversations

"What’s really at stake here? How will this change people’s lives?" - Danielle Tumminio Hanson

3MMM Episode 53: Bonus content!

Hear more about: 

+ how to make space for tender conversation in diverse learning spaces

+ what we can learn from remorse

+ how embodied, relational learning can look in #seminarylife

+ how we can redefine and have new understandings of family 

Rev. Dr. Danielle Tumminio Hansen, of Seminary of the Southwest, talks with host Eileen Campbell-Reed about how ministers, activists and theologians make connections between literature and theology. Danielle shares her story of walking alongside her friend's infertility journey. She explores what embodied theology looks like in the #practiceofministry and what #purposefulrest has looked like for her.

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