September 27, 2021

3MMM Episode 61: No-Win Situations

Challenge. Question. Conflict. Change.

How do you practice ministry in a no-win situation?

Eileen Campbell-Reed has noted some themes -  financial, staffing and volunteer challenges. Vocational uncertainty and the need for fresh discernment. Conflicts. Hope and resilience. Big transition.

And there are no easy answers. There is, however, a deep well of wisdom and support to draw upon. Have a listen to this conversation with four mentors who work with new pastors in the Helping Pastors Thrive initiative.  They talk about ways pastors are facing what looks like no-win situations right now - theological conundrums and pandemic pastoring. 

#pastoralimagination #pandemicpastoring #nowinsituations #churchinapandemic #helpingpastorsthrive #theologicaleducation #clergywomen #clergylife 


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