April 8, 2019

Episode 19: Brick Walls

What do brick walls, American Idol and ministry have to do with each other? Read on . . .

Lately, I’ve been watching American Idol. Now, in truth since my daughter was born, I nearly gave up television altogether. The TV in our living room (only the second one we’ve owned in all our married lives), goes months and months without coming on. The World Series, the Grammy’s, the Emmy’s. A game or two of college ball. That’s pretty much it.

But then we found out Walker Burroughs was auditioning for Idol. We could not resist. I’ve known his parents, David and Colleen Burroughs since before they were married. I’ve worked with Passport Camps in many roles since they began the camp in the mid-1990s. I remember so well when Walker, and his twin sister Milligan, were born. Through social media and fewer visits in person I’ve seen Walker grow up and heard him sing. Always fun!

And now he’s made it into the top 20. Of American Idol. Katy Perry thinks he’s dope. Luke Bryan says “so professional” and Lionel Richie (my first stadium concert) thinks Walker is awesome! Sunday night he was in the duets round, singing with Jason Mraz. The whole moderate and progressive (mostly white) Baptist world is abuzz with Walker’s success, hoping to cheer him on and vote him to success.

Tonight I stood up and cheered when he made it through to the next round of 14 singers. And next week we get to vote!

Read more brick wall stories at: Episode 19: Brick Walls #3MMM.

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