May 13, 2019

Episode 24: Vocational Discernment

Discernment. Vocation. Purpose. Life.

Unpacking one’s purpose for life is no small thing. For many people it takes most of a lifetime to say fully what they believe their purpose to be. And for others purpose changes over time and through the seasons of life.

For me a sense of purpose in life emerged early but the pathways of work and family life that were available to me for embracing that purpose were complicated.

This week’s episode of 3MMM is about vocational discernment. Hearing stories from many people in many stages and seasons of life and how they discern the purpose, their calling, their work and their families, can be a great encouragement. It can also be incredibly clarifying.

You can learn more about vocational discernment on the website or by listening to this week's episode. #3MMM

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