August 19, 2019

Episode 38: Action + Reflection in Preaching

#3MMM Episode 38: Action + Reflection in Preaching 

Speaking is a major part of leading in the practice of ministry. It might take form in delivering sermons, or working to inspire volunteers and employees, or telling the story of your organization and its purpose in the world, or leading a protest or rally, or simply chairing a planning meeting.

Like other aspects of the practice of ministry it takes time and experience to learn the ins and outs of doing the work well. Honing the practice of speaking effectively and moving people to action takes attention, action, and reflection. It takes doing it over and over until you have a greater sense of timing, delivery, and connection.

This week’s episode of Three Minute Ministry Mentor features a story told to us by Derrick, a participant in the Learning Pastoral Imagination Project, from his internship year. He told us about going through a dry patch in his weekly preaching. And he shared how reflecting on this later with his mentor led him to a deeper understanding of himself.  


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