September 2, 2019

Episode 40: Change Over Time

Episode 40: Change over Time

By looking at the change over time that happens for others who are learning the same practices we are learning, there might be a way of making out at least a framework for change that is on our horizon.

Also, and not insignificantly, our own past experience may also give us hints and clues about what is coming next or what may shift for us over time.

The only way practices like learning, teaching, and ministry to lodge their best lessons in us, is for us to persist over time. So we move forward in trust, even if we cannot (and should not) leave our questions and suspicions aside.

This week’s video episode of #3MMM includes the story of David, a participant in the Learning Pastoral Imagination Project. He recounted changes that he experienced while learning to teach Bible study in his first congregational call. See if his missteps sound anything like yours?

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