September 9, 2019

Episode 41: Two Vocations

#3MMM Episode 41: Two Vocations 

Vocation. Work. Calling.
Ministry. Family. Life. 

Vocation is a word that often evokes the idea of work. Yet vocation is not just work. Vocation may bring to the top of your mind the idea of calling. Yet vocation is more than calling. 

Vocation is often synonymous with ministry or religious service to the church. And yet vocation is not limited to working in or for the church.

New social configurations of family and work are emerging everywhere around us. This week, 3MMM Host Eileen Campbell-Reed reclaims these two aspects of vocation – work and family – as intertwined and mutually informing ways to approach our lives and obligations in the world.

Have a listen to Episode 41, and consider the survey some of the images and stories from the Learning Pastoral Imagination Project that can inform our understanding of the vocations of family and work.

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