September 25, 2020

Episode 59: Called to Collaborate

Join our conversation with Rev. Alisha Smith Haddock. She is helping us see how multiple factors are impacting the community of North Nashville.

Back in March, Nashville was hit hard by tornados that ripped through Middle Tennessee and destroyed and damaged, houses, churches, businesses and schools. Just a week later, the pandemic was declared and the U.S., including Nashville, entered into a “safer at home” period, slowing the recovery.

North Nashville was hit especially hard. And as Rev. Alisha says, “Our issues didn’t start on March third.” She and other leaders in North Nashville have been working for years, decades, to “right some wrongs for people and a whole community that has been pushed to the margins.” Long before the tornado, the 37208 zip code was “a culturally rich place with tremendous historical significance.” Yet that area of the city has been coping with:

food desert conditions
lack of economic development
predatory lending practices
absentee landlords
police harassment and brutality
high incarceration rates
neighborhood gentrification 

Have a listen to how one faith community is called to collaborate.


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